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#ByeByeLashCurler: Meet the Product That Turns Lash Curlers into Fossils

24Hr Supercurler Mascara

Have you ever heard of someone that actually likes using a lash curler? For decades we’ve been forced to use those clunky crimpers in order to get a dynamic lash curl. How is it that applying mascara is the same today as it was when lash curlers were invented in the early 1930s? 

That’s what makes Rimmel London’s latest mascara innovation so special. They’ve cracked the code for delivering curled lashes without having to use a lash curler. It’s now officially time to say #ByeByeLashCurler because 24hr Supercurler Mascara is here to save the day. It’s turning your collection of lash curlers into fossils. 

The days of pinching your eyelids with clamps are now a thing of the past. Rimmel London’s Supercurler contains a breakthrough formula that contains curling and fixing polymers to instantly push up lashes to a perfect 90 degree curve. That’s step one in putting your lash curler out of work. 

The second nail in the lash curler coffin is the new brush created specifically for Supercurler. This curved, eye-shaped brush lifts lashes up at the root and extends the curl from the tip to give you those full, curvaceous, and lashes that everyone will notice. We’re talking about the next generation in lash  & curl. The brush lifts lash by lash to insure each one gets its own individual attention. The only thing your lash curler will be good for now is collecting dust.

If getting amazing curl and volume wasn’t enough, Rimmel London’s 24hr Supercurler also provides you all-day coverage. Most mascaras start losing their hold the moment you walk out the door, but Supercurler has been formulated to hold its curve for up to 24 hours. No need to touch them up with your lash curler. Might as well use your old lash curlers as a paperweight or a doorstop. You just don’t need them around anymore. 

So join the millions of people who are saying #ByeByeLashCurler thanks to Rimmel London’s 24hr Supercurler Mascara. The only two places those fossils belong now are in a museum or the trash. Experience the difference, and step into the next evolution in mascara.