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Find Out How Rimmel London’s Supercurler Mascara is Changing the Way We Use Mascara

24Hr Supercurler Mascara

Everyone knows the age old formula for eye-catching lashes. You use an eye lash curler first to curl your lashes then apply mascara for color and volume. For decades that’s been the golden rule for getting great eyes. But now there’s a new way to get the lashes you always dreamed off. Are you ready to say #ByeByeLashCurler? 

The experts at Rimmel London have found a way for you to get rid of your eyelash curler with a mascara that does the work for you.

Introducing Rimmel London’s 24hr Supercurler Mascara!  Supercurler is a breakthrough mascara that combines a lash curler and mascara in one. It features a formula that contains curling and fixing polymers to instantly push up lashes to a perfect 90-degree curve with up to a 24-hour hold.

It’s not just the formula that makes Supercurler such a revolutionary mascara. The entire brush has been redesigned to give you the same effect as your tired lash curler. The curved eye-shaped brush lifts lashes up at the root, and extends the curl from the tip. Supercurler is the only mascara with this unique brush shape. That shape provides your lashes with full, curvaceous and volume. 

Those innovations are why so many people are calling Supercurler the must-have mascara for 2016. It not only gives you the bold eyes you always dreamed of, but also lets you clear out your makeup bag of your bulky lash curlers. Not to mention all those old mascaras that weren’t doing the job. 

There’s no better time than now to say #ByeByeLashCurler thanks to Rimmel London’s 24hr Supercurler Mascara.