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Here’s Why Rimmel London’s The Only 1 Lipstick is the Only Lip Colour You Need

The Only 1

Every girl needs that one lipstick that they can truly rely on. One that stays put, doesn’t smudge, and makes you feel like a rock star. However, it can be a challenge to find one lipstick that can do all of those things, but not anymore. Rimmel London’s latest innovation, The Only 1 Lipstick, is rightly being called #ALipstickRevolution.   

This game-changing lipstick comes in 12 versatile shades ranging from pinks (It’s A Keeper #200) all the way up to luscious berries (Under My Spell #800). It’s been specifically designed to be the only tube you need in your makeup bag. 

One of the major benefits of Rimmel London’s The Only 1 Lipstick is that it contains Rosa Fruit Oil and Vitamin E, which softens and hydrates lips to make sure you’ll never have to compromise on comfort for colour. The formula is effortless to apply and is completely non-drying so you’ll never have to put up with that caked-on feeling we all hate so much. That’s one reason why The Only 1 is being called #ALipstickRevolution.

The highly pigmented formula of The Only 1 means you won’t experience either feathered colour or that dreaded faded-out look. This formula stays true no matter what you and your lips are up to. We’re talking about luscious lip perfection.                                            

Ditching all the lipstick from your handbag would be a massive beauty mistake before, but now you can toss the rest. Rimmel London’s The Only 1 Lipstick takes care of all your beauty wants and needs.

Join #ALipstickRevolution today. Don’t live under the weight of all those underwhelming tubes. Grab The Only 1 and experience for yourself the power of lipstick freedom.