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How to Get Kylie Jenner’s Lashes in One Step

24Hr Supercurler Mascara

Over the past few years, Kylie Jenner has become a huge beauty icon thanks to social media. With her famous Snapchats & Instagram photos she’s clearly setting the trends in beauty.

Kylie has also developed a signature look characterized by full matte lips, perfect brows and of course, eye-popping lashes. Her eyelashes are so enviable because they have the complete package: curl, length, volume, and enough staying power to last through her Snapchat story. 

Introducing Rimmel London’s 24Hr Supercurler Mascara which has been formulated to replicate the effects of an eyelash curler and hold a perfect 90 degree curl. Translation: this mascara will give you Kylie’s lashes in one step! No eyelash curler needed.  

Supercurler features a breakthrough formula that contains curling and fixing polymers that push up lashes into a 90 degree curl. Lasting up to 24 hours, Supercurler also comes with an eye-shaped brush that covers each lash from root to tip. The winning combination of an innovative formula and an advanced brush design create the game-changing 24Hr Supercurler Mascara. So get ready to say, #ByeByeLashCurler. 

Supercurler is the must-have mascara for 2016. It not only gives you bold and curvaceous lashes, but also lets you ditch that pesky eyelash curler —not to mention your old mascaras that were taking up space in your beauty bag. 

Rimmel London’s 24Hr Supercurler Mascara is the best way to get selfie-ready lashes that even Kylie would envy!