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How to Incorporate Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara Into Your Daily Routine


Everyone has that one product they discovered that made them say "Yes. You. Why haven't I been using you all along?" 

We suspect that Rimmel's Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara might be that product for you, since it comes with a precision brush for perfect lashes – not to mention the cucumber extract, which helps lashes feel soft and conditioned throughout the day.

Any mascara has gotta fit into your everyday routine. Come Monday morning, you don't have any minutes to spare for a new product or a new technique – because those minutes are precious, and could be spent drinking coffee. Or checking emails. Or petting your cat.

So here's a quick 1-2-3 guide to fitting this brand-new mascara into your established routine – you'll be a doe-eyed beauty with no added time at all!

1. Sort your base

The true make-up addict knows that nothing good happens without a solid foundation to work on – so find yourself a pore-blurring foundation that perfects and protects (we recommend Match Perfection foundation) and fix any imperfections with a touch of Match Perfection concealer.

2. Work your pout

Even on a light make-up day, you want to make sure that your lips are conditioned and soft and ready for action (talking, we mean…). Slick on some Moisture Renew in Dashing Raspberry for a pop of vivid color.

3. It's all about the eyes

They're the windows to your soul, and all that jazz, so here's where you want to draw focus. It doesn't take much – add definition with a touch of Exaggerate Smoke N Shine Eyeliner  and then it's time for the crowning glory: Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara. It'll open your eyes and darken your lashes and make sure all eyes are on you, all day long.

And there you have it – a three step daily routine that'll keep you looking fresh and fabulous all day long.