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How Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara Helps You Avoid the Biggest Makeup Fail


We've all been there: putting on our face for a big night out, with perfectly blended foundation and a striking red lip. Pouting at the mirror in full confidence that yes, you are a babe.

And then disaster strikes! In the form of clumped and flaking mascara, dotting the area above and below your eyes, caking your lashes, and threatening to ruin your whole look.

Or – even worse – you don't discover it until later, peering into the little mirror in the bathroom to see your lashes knotted, after you'd spent the whole evening batting them at the bartender.

Sticky, smeared mascara is a make-up fail we've all had to endure. But now, thanks to Rimmel's Wonder'Lash Lift Me Up mascara, it can be a thing of the past.


There are two secrets: firstly, the formula, which contains vitamins and cucumber extract. These additions smooth and condition lashes, ensuring that they're in top condition, and beautifully, softly, separated.

The second trick lies in the precision brush, which ensures that every single lash is hugged and coated while being defined, leading to perfect, elegant volume.

Not only will you end up with perfect lashes all night long, but the vitamins the formula will keep you refreshed and wide-eyed and energised – no matter how late it gets!

So celebrate! You'll never suffer from the ultimate make-up failure again – just keep Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara in your purse for times of need.