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Is THIS Mascara the Next Big Thing in Beauty?

24Hr Supercurler Mascara

Every so often, a new beauty product comes on to the scene that completely changes everything. Much like the introduction of BB creams for your skin or gel polish for nails, we think it’s high time that eyes get their big break.

That’s why we asked: what if there was a mascara that had the curling power of an eyelash curler built in? A mascara whose combination of brush and formula could create 90 degree curl that lasts up to 24 hours? Meet Rimmel London’s 24Hr Supercurler Mascara.

This breakthrough mascara gives your lashes the same dynamic shape and volume as an eyelash curler, without the extra step (or that crazy-looking device). It’s officially time to say #ByeByeLashCurler.

Supercurler is equipped with a special eye-shaped brush that coats every lash, and pulls them into an instant 90-degree curl. Plus, every tube is packed with a formula that gives lashes extra volume and holds that perfect curl for up to 24 hours. With all that technology, 24Hr Supercurler Mascara will not only change the way you apply mascara—you’ll get hyper-curled and voluminous lashes in one easy step, too. As if you needed more reasons to get rid of your tired lash routine.

So what are you waiting for? Try Rimmel London’s 24Hr Supercurler Mascara today, and see for yourself the power of a mascara that doesn’t need a lash curler.