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The One Thing About Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara You Never Knew


Mascara is mascara, right?


Not all mascaras are created equal: some are designed to build volume. Others focus on length. Other open up your eyes. 

And some? Some do all of the above.

You might think you'd have to resort to a boutique mascara in order to land a product that succeeds across the board of mascara desires, but you'd be wrong.

You need look no further than Rimmel's Wonder'Lash Lift Me Up Mascara – and it's all down to one ingredient. Something you really wouldn't expect.


Yep – cucumber. It's not just good in a Greek salad, or for scaring cats – it's also rich in moisturising properties, which make it the ideal fit for your perfect mascara. You see, most mascaras focus on the visual effect, without worrying about how your lashes themselves are reacting to being coated in product.

Layer too much thick product, and you'll start to see the effect – weakened, thinning lashes which fall out when you attempt to remove your make-up.

Rimmel's Wonder'Lash Lift Me Up mascara, by comparison, conditions your lashes as it lengthens and thickens, making sure that your natural beauty is preserved, as well as enhanced.

And as an added bonus, it also has a fresh, clean cucumber smell.

Cucumber + mascara = a product that's quickly going to become one of your make-up bag must haves. Who knew?